Specialty Breads

There are many kinds of specialty breads, but there is one in particular that is iconic and a regular staple of American mealtime.

The Breadstick.

Plated Harlan Breadsticks

Not all breadsticks are created equal though.  Some rise to a special level of goodness.  So good in fact that it is often the reason family members will pick certain restaurants for an evening out or for take out.  There are probably a handful of Quick Serve and Full Serve Restaurant brands that quickly come to mind when you think breadsticks.  They are the ones you can't just have a bite of or even one.

Harlan Foods' breadsticks and specialty bread products are that good.

Harlan Foods uses the freshest ingredients to ensure that the product that reaches your customer's table is fresh and every single bite is consistently excellent.

If breadsticks or some of the newer innovations specialty bread innovations are important to your consumers and the product experience your brand seeks to deliver, Harlan Foods can surely help deliver on your promise.

After all, we are the brand behind most of the breadsticks you you love and are thinking of right now.



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