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We have put The Dish Online!  In the online version of The Dish we've added a contest.

Somewhere in the online version of The Dish is a question.  The first person to correctly answer this question and submit it using the 'SUBMIT YOUR ANSWER' form below will win a $25 gift card and will be the featured winner in the following online issue.

If no one correctly answers the question, the gift card will be added to the prize amount in the next issue of The Dish throughout the year.

A growing number of employees across ALL our Harlan facilities want to know how they can become part of Harlan’s promotional and recruiting content.  This includes window clings, recruiting promotions, advertisements and Harlan’s many social channels and websites.  It’s simple!  Just email your request to participate to or let your supervisor know you’d like to participate.

March is Workplace Eye Wellness month.  Be sure to always be wearing proper eye protection no matter where you are inside a production facility!

March is also National Nutrition Month.  As a leading food manufacturer responsible for a wide variety of food products from bagels, breadsticks, protein bites, energy bars, granola, desert pies and a host of other products, providing safe, nutritious, AND delicious foods is our goal this and every month!


Safe Quality Food (SQF) is all about continuous improvement ensuring the proper manufacture, packaging and shipment of Safe Quality Food.  Isolating allergens in a food manufacturing facility is critical to SQF success.  Do you know the Big 8 Allergens?


March is a busy training month!  Training gives us the opportunity to learn, grow and expand our skillsets.

In the month of March we are providing Alchemy training on best practice standards for the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is a 15 minute training session.

This month we also are providing training on how to prevent food borne illnesses in a production plant.  Learn the big and little things we can do to drive SQF Food Safety in this informative 19 minute training session.


Did you know that there are only three companies in the United States certified to provide MRE’s or Meals Ready to Eat to America’s Military?  One of them is Ameriqual, now part of the Harlan Foods family of companies.

Ameriqual is proud to provide pre-packaged nutritional products for all branches of our military and humanitarian meals, distributed to victims of both natural disasters and conflict.


SAFE is beginning its rollout across the Harlan Foods enterprise!  There are 4 modules to SAFE.  1. Recruiting & Workplace Simulation.  2.  Mentorship Program. 3. Certification - AFP (Apprentice Food Professional), CFP (Certified Food Professional), Champion CFP and Master CFP.  4. Facility COE (Center of Excellence) Certification.

Each Harlan team member will have the opportunity to achieve their AFP and CFP certifications.  Facilities with 100% mentorship, certification compliance which meet performance criteria can be COE certified. In March, we are excited to announce the roll-out of SAFE at Harlan’s Kitley facility.  SAFE expansion will be coming to each Harlan facility in the near future.



This month we want to touch on one little thing that can have a big impact on personal, environmental and product safety.  That’s Housekeeping.  Housekeeping can be best defined as keeping your area in order.  If we all do one single thing during each work shift to keep our work area in order, we can achieve perfection in housekeeping.

Here is an example of why this is so important.  Wood splinters from a pallet are spotted on the floor but not picked up.  An air hose is used nearby causing the small wood pieces to go airborne, which then settles on an uncooked item.

That foreign item makes its way into a bag of finished product.  This is then sold in a grocery. Help avoid this by looking for what doesn’t belong and safely removing it!








Currently there are 8 allergens, known at the 'Big Eight'.  Before the end of the year, the FDA is adding a 9th allergen to this list of 8.

The Big 8 Allergens

The 9th Allergen being added to the list is...